Like the Helsinki Declaration, which forever altered the ethical landscape of human clinical research, the aim of the Basel Declaration is to bring the scientific community together to further advance the implementation of ethical principles such as the 3Rs whenever animals are being used and to call for more trust, transparency and communication on the sensitive topic of animals in research. The Basel Declaration Society, founded on October 5th. 2011, strive to promote the Basel Declaration. Visit gallery...



Manager with a particular focus on communications and organization

On behalf of our client Forschung für Leben (FfL) and Basel Declaration Society (BDS), we are looking for one or two managers (freelancers, NOT an agency) on a part-time basis (about 20% in each case; in total about 40%) to succeed the present management. /

Both FfL and BDS represent academic researchers in the life sciences. Suitable candidates commit to scientific animal experiments and their associated requirements animal welfare and to green gene technology. While the issues covered by FfL are very diverse (questions concerning molecular biology and biomedicine along with the associated ethical aspects) and are addressed at national level, the activities of the BDS are geared exclusively to scientific animal experiments worldwide. Both associations help to form opinion among the general population, administrative bodies and politicians through a presence in the media and also engage in political processes where necessary.

The mandates are well suited to people with strong communications and organizational skills and a confident manner. A good command of English is essential. The range of duties primarily covers communications and organizational tasks, control of finances and management of the associations (preparing and holding meetings, writing annual reports etc.). We are looking for someone (or two people) who is wholeheartedly committed to the concerns of researchers, is flexible with regard to time and can respond to events with appropriate speed. He or she can proactively develop projects (e.g. referendum campaign, congress organization), keep mandates going – and is loyal. Travel in Switzerland, Europe and also to other parts of the world is occasionally called for.

Meetings usually are usually held in Zurich or Basel (Switzerland).

The successful candidate may start immediately or at a later mutually agreed date.
The management is supported by a highly experienced assistant.

Applications accompanied by the standard documentation, including a personal statement, should be emailed to: Astrid Kugler,,
+41 78 608 723 73

December 11, 2018


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