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Dear signers, friends and supporters, the Basel Declaration has a new home. After a successful decade as Basel Declaration Society, our organization has transformed into Animal Research Tomorrow. As such, we promote openness and fact-based scientific arguments in the international public debate on the necessity and value of animal research for both human and animal health and welfare. For more information please visit our new webpage under

Like the Helsinki Declaration, which forever altered the ethical landscape of human clinical research, the aim of the Basel Declaration is to bring the scientific community together to further advance the implementation of ethical principles such as the 3Rs whenever animals are being used and to call for more trust, transparency and communication on the sensitive topic of animals in research. The Basel Declaration Society, founded on October 5th. 2011, strive to promote the Basel Declaration.
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Signatories by country (Total: 4774)

AR (48)  |  AT (87)  |  AU (22)  |  BE (84)  |  BG (1)  |  BR (67)  |  CA (44)  |  CH (618)  |  CL (6)  |  CM (1)  |  CN (29)  |  CO (8)  |  CR (3)  |  CU (1)  |  CY (5)  |  DE (965)  |  DK (8)  |  DZ (8)  |  EG (1)  |  ES (252)  |  ET (1)  |  FI (22)  |  FR (294)  |  GB (297)  |  GE (1)  |  GR (46)  |  HR (10)  |  HU (13)  |  ID (3)  |  IE (8)  |  IL (5)  |  IN (39)  |  IR (6)  |  IT (968)  |  JM (1)  |  JP (6)  |  KE (1)  |  KR (6)  |  KW (1)  |  KZ (1)  |  LK (1)  |  LU (8)  |  MK (1)  |  MU (3)  |  MX (24)  |  NG (3)  |  NL (74)  |  NO (6)  |  NZ (1)  |  PH (1)  |  PK (5)  |  PL (17)  |  PS (1)  |  PT (29)  |  RO (12)  |  RS (12)  |  RU (15)  |  SA (1)  |  SE (91)  |  SG (1)  |  SY (5)  |  TN (1)  |  TR (15)  |  TW (3)  |  UG (1)  |  US (452)  |  VE (1)  |  ZA (3)

Institutes / universities / organisations / administrations

Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute Cambridge
BioIndustry Association (BIA) London
International Association of Veterinary Editors Liverpool
Synome Ltd Cambridge
Understanding Animal Research London


Jessica Allen Sheffield
Ms Karen Anthony London
Rachel Armstrong
Dr. Tipu Aziz Oxford
Dr Marianne Baker London
PhD Harriet Ball Oxford
Tobias Bast Nottingham
Dr. Paul Bateman Oxford
Johhny Beale
Dr. Andrew Bell Oxford
Mark Bell Oxford
Prof Isabel Bermudez Oxford
Mr Mehdi Bhouri Bristol
Prof J. Paul Bolam Oxford
Lizzie Boyes
Valerie Brandt Cambridge
Dr. Kieran Breen London
Ms Ludivine Breger Cardiff
Ms Diana Breitmaier Cambridge
Richard Bridger London
Ms Veronica Brivio Edinburgh
Prof. Kenneth Broadley Cardiff
Prof Gordon Brown Aberdeen
Eleanor Browne London
Tom Bumstead
William Burrows London
Sabrina Calabressi Hinxton
Dr Stefano Casalotti London
Dr. Samantha Caton Leeds
David Cleugh Oxon
Thomas Clynes Norwich
Prof William Colledge Cambridge
Ms Claire Cox Cambridge
Michael Craig Oxford
Rob Craine Onchan
Thomas Crowther Cardiff
Mr Paul Denver Belfast
Mr Brendan Doe Cambridge
Dr Konstantinos Drosopoulos London
Dr. Paul Flecknell Newcastle
Dr Zoe Freeman London
Ms Charlene Geater Caldicot
Mr Mattia Gerli London
Dr Huw Golledge Newcastle Upon Tyne
Mr Nils Grabole Cambridge
Alexander Guttenplan Cambridge
James Hafseth
Thomas Hand Bristol
Stuart Hazlewood Suffolk
Prof. Max Headley Bristol
Dr. Denis Headon Edinburgh
Dr Hayley Henderson Liverpool
Dr Hayley Henderson London
Dr. Amy Herbert Cardiff
Dr Peter Hohenstein Edinburgh
Tom Holder
Harry Holkham Leicester
Ms Laura Howe London
Dr David Hunter Newcastle Upon Tyne
Dr. Andrew Jackson Newcastle
Dr Stuart Jenkins Stoke-on-trent
Domhall Jennings Newcastle
Dr. Lee Jones London
Dr Colin Kelcey Clun
Emma Kidd
Dr Maksym Kopanitsa Cambridge
Prof Edgar Kramer Didcot
Dr. Alexander Kraskov London
PhD Emma Lane Cardiff
Dr. Matthew Leach Newcastle Upon Tyne
Dr Mariah Lelos Cardiff
Dr. Roger Lemon London
Prof Robin Lovell-badge London
Emma Lowe Glasgow
Prof Ruth Luthi-carter Leicester
Dr Alla Madich Cambridge
Mr William Mansfield Cambridge
Dr. Mark Matfield London
Phil Merchant London
Dominic Mikulski London
Nathan Molyneaux
Rebecca Montacute Manchester
Dr Sandra Muench Dundee
Ms Ellen Murphy Cardiff
Dr Jennifer Murray Cambridge
Dr. Kia Nazarpour Newcastle-upon-tyne
Peter Neill
Dr Jennifer Nichols Cambridge
Dr Benjamin Owens Oxford
Dr. Andrew Parker Oxford
Lisa Perry Southampton
Dr. Christopher Petkov Newcastle
Dr. Michelle Pierce Newcastle
Emily Place Stanford
Prof. Fran Platt Oxford
PhD Heather Poetschke Klug Edingburgh
Dr Eileen Power Newcastle Upon Tyne
David Priestman Oxford
Mr David Pruce London
Ms Claire Richardson Newcastle Upon Tyne
Dr. Trevor Robbins Cambridge
Prof John Rodgers Leeds
Abi Rose Liverpool
Dr. Johnny Roughan Newcastle Upon Tyne
Richard Royal
Renee Schalks London
Dr Stephanie Schorge London
Simon R. Schultz London
Dr Matthew Sharp Edinburgh
Mr Tom Sheldon London
Dr William Skarnes Cambridge
Robert Slowley
Kim Smith
Ms Rebecca Sperotto Cardiff
Ms Silvia Sposini London
Dr S Clare Stanford London
Mr Luke Steele Warwick
Dr. John Stein Oxford
Prof Ian Stolerman London
Richard Sykes London
Brian Tang Oxford
Dr. Chris Taylor Hinxton
Prof Roy Taylor Newcatle Upon Tyne
Dr. Alexander Thiele Newcastle Upon Tyne
PhD Patrick Thomson Edinburgh
Jamie Trott Cambridge
Ms Giulia Tyzack Cambridge
Ms Charlotte Van Coeverden Cambridge
Parthiban Vijayarangakannan Cambridge
Dr. Tim Viney Oxford
Alexander Ward St. Andrews
Dr. Theresa Ward London
Dr Stuart Watson Newcastle
Gijsbert Werner Oxford
Dr Ruth Williams London
Susannah Williams Cardiff
Prof Ian Wilmut Peebles
Mr Craig Woodford Leicester
Mr Peter Wright London
Chen Xing Newcastle Upon Tyne
PhD Vanessa Yardley London
Mr Jonas Zimmermann Newcastle Upon Tyne