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Dear signers, friends and supporters, the Basel Declaration has a new home. After a successful decade as Basel Declaration Society, our organization has transformed into Animal Research Tomorrow. As such, we promote openness and fact-based scientific arguments in the international public debate on the necessity and value of animal research for both human and animal health and welfare. For more information please visit our new webpage under

Like the Helsinki Declaration, which forever altered the ethical landscape of human clinical research, the aim of the Basel Declaration is to bring the scientific community together to further advance the implementation of ethical principles such as the 3Rs whenever animals are being used and to call for more trust, transparency and communication on the sensitive topic of animals in research. The Basel Declaration Society, founded on October 5th. 2011, strive to promote the Basel Declaration.
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Felasa | Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations


The Basel Declaration Society had the possibility to attend the FELASA Congress form 13. - 15. June, 2016. We organised an information booth, which was a sucess. All the people, who visited our booth, liked playing our game of darts. This game shows how many animals are used in different sectors. For a better understanding, have a look on the pictures below. We could also convince a few people to sign the Basel Declaration.